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          Meet the All new Agilent ICPMS 7850- Free your workflow from common time traps

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          At every stage of a routine ICP-MS analysis workflow, unproductive and often unnecessary activities—time traps—can eat into your productivity and profitability. The costs to a lab are not just lost time and revenue. Unnecessary method setup steps, instrument checks, manual data reviews, and sample reanalysis can place more pressure on busy analysts. This workload can impact sample turnaround time and the quality of the results you report— putting your lab’s reputation at risk.

          Implementing new instruments often comes with considerable investment in method development and familiarization. The work involved in getting a new instrument operational can sometimes mean delays and lost opportunities in other parts of a business. What if there was a better, more efficient way to perform your analysis?

          A smarter way to avoid common time traps and reduce wasted time so busy staff can focus on tasks that bring more value to the lab.

          Meet the Agilent 7850 ICP-MS. It will make your life easier, your employees happier and more productive, and your results more reliable

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