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          Delivering Value Through LIMS in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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          Possibly more now than ever before, pharmaceutical companies and CMOs are under pressure to ramp up production of anti-viral medication or ready themselves to mass-produce a vaccine. Since Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) implementations can be a significant time investment, how can organizations shorten that timeframe to get up and running with a solution and achieve maximum productivity as soon as possible?

          For any pharmaceutical organization looking to optimize its supply chain, LIMS is an essential step and a cornerstone of the digital transformation. A proven solution with industry-specific configurations and a validation package delivered with the help of an experienced implementation team will significantly reduce implementation time.

          Watch “Delivering Value Through LIMS in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing” and find out how Thermo ScientificTM SampleManager LIMSTM helps your lab quickly respond to the urgent demands.

          About the Presenter

          Mr. Sudhakar Kasturi, Senior Product Specialist – Digital Sciences
          He has 28 years of experience in serving the Laboratory with analytical instruments, and laboratory informatics solutions including LIMS and Networked CDS.? He has rich experience in providing informatics solutions for regulated markets including Pharma, Bio pharma production.

          1. Sharon says

            It is an interesting and we’ll understanable seminar thank you for your effort sir.

          2. Mr.Pankaj P Yeshwantrao says

            Sir it was understandable Seminar and LIMS Related All points you cleared briefly.

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